I really needed some books for my preparation but I could not afford to buy one. So, I thought of going to library, not for borrowing the books but to steal. So I went over there. I took two books and looked around to check if someone have seen me. Nobody did. After I started to move slowly toward the door and out of it. Then something hit me from the back. I turn around and saw a blonde girl looking with her brown eye at me with her angry face. She caught my arms and took me to the librarian. I was heavily ashamed. I told that I had some kind of mental illness to forget things. It was a really bad day.


Next day it was really hot and I was coming home from my job. Suddenly I got hit in my face. I fell down. After that I heard some voice saying ” hey! asshole pass the ball”. I was angry as well as amazed by that voice. I stood up to see who that was. She was the same brown-eyed girl from the previous day. I went near her and started to yell at her. I yelled her so hard that she started to cry. People around me started to look at me as if I had killed someone. One of them came and asked me why was I yelling. For some reason she started to cry more in a loud voice. More people gathered and judged me to be guilty. I was ashamed that day too because of the her. It was not my fault, believe me it was so hot and the girl was so rude in the first place, every one would loose their temper .


Next day, like always I was going to my job. I saw this same girl with a tough big guy. Later I found that guy was her boyfriend. She was bit far but was approaching. I turned my head another side so that she wouldn’t recognize me but that didn’t worked. She saw me and said hello.. I didn’t want to be a asshole so I went near them. She apologized me and insisted me to get brunch with them. I was getting late for my office so I didn’t want to and told them for next time but she wouldn’t leave. She asked me my phone number so she can catch me later for brunch. We both shook on that and then I left.


Next day she called she was all crying and screaming. She asked me if she could meet me. I had some work but being a nice guy I went to meet her in a coffee shop. Turns out that big tough guy left and kicked her out from his apartment. She was so broke that she didn’t had money to pay even for the coffee. I offered her to stay in my apartment for some day. She was happy about it. Later in the evening she came with her stuff to stay. We didn’t have any talk that day. I always had this problem talking with girls. So not a single talk happened that night. In the night she called me and asked her to be with her. Well I went near her and she started to touch me all over the body. We had sex that night, it was amazing.


Next day, I went to my job just like every other day. I was really excited about the night. But when I came home there was nobody except this piece of paper. “He called and he was sorry for everything”. I looked at it and light a cigarette. “Oh! Well Whatever! I scored her last night anyway” was my exact word that time.



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