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Do you remember the answer to the question you gave when you were a kid when someone asked what do you want to become when you grow up? You may not, You may. It doesn’t matter because I am pretty sure you are not or will not be what you have said in your childhood. You know that you are not or will not live a life that you dreamed of when you were kicking off teenage.

This might feel sad and disappointing. You know after you graduate from college you are going to live a life where you will have salary of around 10k and some are not even sure about if they are really going to get a job. Most of you feel like future is total darkness because you won’t be prepared to go to the real world. You won’t have any idea about what you learned in 4 years of graduation. Your college didn’t teach you what to do after college, it just taught you about how to pass the exam without back and it even failed at it (looking at the graduating percentage) but still you go to college get formal, overprice worthless education. You invest a lot of time and money on such bullshit thing for nothing.


Imagine if you have spent your time resource your potential your capital on your idea and your project, how fruitful that would have already become. instead you spent your money time and potential to learn the worthless grammar past tense future tense bullshit which you will never need after you pass that exam.


We live in the generation of Internet. Everything, every knowledge about everything or everyone is freely available on the Internet. Why the hell would you waste your money or raise your debt on college when you can learn freely on the internet. It is more fruitful. You will learn whenever you feel like learning, you won’t have to wait for the professor. You won’t have to feel pressurized. You will have all the advantage.


Half of the graduates are unemployed and 5000 number of PH.D holder in USA who are working as a janitor. Isn’t it sad to have such a data? Do you still believe that a university produce highly qualified manpower? The formal education have raised a lot of unemployment while most of the college dropouts are in the list of richest people.


I had a friend who had a lot of trouble in passing SLC. He tried for 2 years and he couldn’t pass it and he gave up finally. Last time on Dashain I went to my home and found out that he now owns a royal enfield bike a 4 storied house in the capital and his real state business has grown so successfully that he now earns about 2 lakh per month and he is barely even SLC graduate. Doesn’t this kind of stories really make you sad? You got a good grade on SLC. Likewise you may have got good grades in high school and you are in a good college and you know you will pass with good grade. But what after that? You will get the salary that is barely enough to survive where your SLC failed friend would have already become richer than your father.


I don’t want to brag about my view in a long lengthy paragraph I will just summarize in few words.


Chase your dreams. Fuck the College degree.