Back in 1995, I was in Sweden. I was working for a project that used to make small portable smart device which would later be known as smartphone. We were working for US Army. Believe me, it was one of the most expensive project of that time by US military. We had to work for six days and just a day off a week.

I never go out on weekend. All of my work mates used to  go out and hang out all night. I used to just sit on my home watching TV eating and other stuff.  So, the day were just passing by, nothing was special and there was no excitement in life at all. I work like that for about two years till 1997.

But, There was this day, about two month before the project was dead. I just had a feeling that I should go out and know about the people and place where i have been living for like two years. So I went out, it was good. Maybe because I was walking out after a long time. I felt so good that I walked the whole day and later ended up in a strange place. It seem nothing like Stockholm. I realized that I had come to place. It was so quite.There were only like two houses. There were only few people. Well there were no people at all. I looked around. I thought I was screwed for a time. Then I saw someone shouting and waving at me. It was a girl’s voice. She approached to me. I also went near her. She seemed very thankful to find me, so was I. She didn’t ask my name, no any greetings, nothing. She just asked me to help her and she insisted.

I went to help her just to see if i could get some help from her to return Stockholm. There was this big tree. She said “please cut this tree, I will be very thankful to you”. Yes, I know it was supposed to be help, but later I found out that I was the only one to work.

The day was about to end and I was tired as hell. There was no way I could return Stockholm that night. So I had to stay there, I didn’t wanted to but I had to. I told her I was tired so she took me to her room. It was nothing fancy. There was just a bed made out of cheap Norwegian wood and that’s it. No, not even a chair. I have never seen such a worse room in my entire life.

But yes i said her room was beautiful when she asked me. I didn’t want to be rude. After,she asked me to stay and sit wherever i liked and she went out. I couldn’t find a chair but there was this rug where i could sit. She came with a wine and gave it to me. I drank it she drank it and we became busy in talking. While our talking was going on I found she was extremely smart, she knows a lot of thing. So the talking went quite a long till 2 AM. It seems like she need to say a lot to someone and she found me as someone to say all the things she has been hiding inside her for don’t know how much of years.

After that she told me that she has work to do tomorrow and she has to go to sleep else she will get late. “don’t you work?” She asked me. I was to lazy to explain her about my work so I thought it would be easy to say no and said no. We both went to bed after that.

I fell asleep faster than i normally would. Next morning I woke up, I went to her to ask her for some tea. But she wasn’t there. I went out and searched but nope didn’t find her. There were no one around just another house a few walks away. I went to that house and found out that no one had lived in that room. It has been abandon for about 4 5 years and nobody in that house had any idea about that girl.

I was amazed. I  took out a cigarette and light it.

I don’t know if she was a ghost, a real person, a thief or just some random person trying to steal from me but couldn’t . That talk in the night made me fall for her. She was beautiful. I didn’t even ask her name. I am stupid.

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