It’s been like a week. I am being asked this same question from a lot of people, especially friends and some random girl I met online. “K cha ta bro Valentine’s day ko plan? Aauna lagyo ta”. To which I reply with a simple smile and sentence like “k hunu jaad khane ho”, ‘k hunu halline basne ho”. Answer depends upon who I’m answering.

So, yeah, Valentine’s Day, about that: like every time I have no plans. I have no one. Every year is the same story and same thing and some day if I am lucky I might get chance to get drunk. That’s it.

And lately I’ve been getting this feeling that I should quit. I think that I will not, ever in my life find someone. That’s totally not me. It’s just that those thing are not in my life and that’s totally cool. I am not angry with god. That’s totally fine. I know a lot of people who are not blessed with this things. Dr. Abdul Kalam, Nikola tesla, Sushil Koirala from country, Oprah, Sir Isaac Newton and the list goes on and on.

Fuck I am trying to make this article atleast a page but words are not coming. Why the hell am I not feeling a thing? There is sad music playing on my headphones and as far as I remember I am drunk enough. Had it been before I would have already written a book probably till now. So why am I being this dick that I sweared I will never be.


Ok I cant exaggerate anymore.

The bottom line is :


Marriage is shit. Because I told so.


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